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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy Clinic in Columbus, OH

Stem cell therapy* is one of the leading ways to treat chronic pain naturally. Though this procedure sounds complicated, it’s actually simple and pain-free. Stem cell therapy* repairs damaged tissue in your body to restore your health. You can finally live a life free from pain!

For this procedure, Premier Injury Centers uses cells harvested from amniotic tissue. This harvesting process is a pain-free and consensual process which does not harm the mother or the baby. Then, these amniotic tissue cells are preserved in federally regulated tissue banks.

Stem cell therapy* is so powerful because the amniotic tissue has nourishing and regenerative properties. It contains cells which can heal your body by growing into highly specialized cells depending on your body’s unique needs. Stem cells* can become muscle tissue, cartilage, nerves, and more. The procedure itself is quick and painless. You’ll simply receive a single, pain-free injection into the affected area. From there, these cells will regenerate into healthy cells that heal your body from the inside!

The best part about stem cell therapy* is that there’s no need for long-term treatment, surgery, or medication. Most patients feel a positive difference after only one injection! After your injection, patients feel results within 4-6 weeks, and there is no need for continued treatment as your body will continue to heal naturally.

Live a Pain-Free Life

Nobody should suffer from chronic pain. There are no risks associated with stem cell therapy*, so you can be confident in your chosen treatment. Under the leadership of our Doctor’s, you’ll receive the best regenerative treatment. Our Center has helped people from all over Ohio to relieve their pain and heal injuries once and for all.

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You don’t have to live your life with chronic pain. At Premier Injury Center, we are committed to your recovery. Stem cell therapy* is risk-free and has no adverse side effects. If you think this treatment is right for you, contact us below to schedule a consultation. We’ll review your medical history and expectations to see if this treatment is right for you! Your pain-free life is just a few clicks away!


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